The Practice Transformation Experience

"Practice management and growth” are not good enough in today’s world. A more disruptive philosophy is needed.

Practitioners who focus upon nothing more than controlling costs, managing overhead, “marketing” to their referring doctors, etc. will undoubtedly survive and moderately “succeed”. Unfortunately, this approach places an artificial cap on you and your practice,  preventing you from truly actualizing your potential.

Do you want to be a cook or a chef? Conventional practice management and practice growth advice will help cooks “reach their numbers” and experience limited growth, improving their bottom lines. However, they will be limited to the dishes they are already cooking.  

Dates for this Fugazzotto Institute Course will be announced soon.

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The future lies in a truly transformational approach

Paradoxically, the COVID Pandemic has allowed more visionary practitioners to strip away layers of old paint and look at their practices and practice potentials in a different light. Become one of those practitioners!

The Transformational Experience includes:

  • Preliminary webinar describing the responsibilities and expectations of each attendee
  • The 2-day course
  • Friday evening dinner "event"
  • 6-month evening webinar to discuss progress and challenges being faced by course attendees

Course Requirements

Attendance is limited to 15 doctors and up to two team members who are key people in their practices, to help ensure the desired level of interactions. 

Attendee responsibilities: All attendees must fill out an in-depth survey. Each attendee will be given a topic to address in a 10-minute presentation, and will contribute to a monograph, which will then be provided for their exclusive use.  

Course Instructors:
Dr. Paul A. Fugazzotto & Dr. Andrew Brodsky, who will describe the challenges he faced as a younger practitioner entering a vibrant practice, and other non dental "specialists".

$6950.00, inclusive for the doctor and up to 2 team members.