Simplifying Immediate Full Arch Reconstruction Through a Team Approach

Utilizing a combination of interactive discussion, observation of live surgery and immediate full arch fixed conversions, hands-on exercises, and lecture materials, this comprehensive two-day course demonstrates an effective team approach, to help your patients and grow your practice.

Treating Your Patients

  • Patient Selection
  • Diagnosis and case work up
  • Interpretation of CAT scans
  • The role of digital technologies
  • Selection of the appropriate therapeutic approach
  • Implant selection criteria
  • Minimize chair time and optimize surgical and restorative efficiency
  • Simplify fabrication of the final prosthesis

Treating Your Practice

  • Effective internal marketing
  • Identify and attract new full arch cases
  • The role of the hygienists in patient identification and referrals
  • Effective consultations to ensure case acceptance
  • Global fee structuring
  • Innovative third-party financing to close cases
  • Excite and cultivate your referring doctors through a triple win approach

CE Credit: 16 Hours

Course Type: Lecture/Live Surgery/Hands-On Exercise


Live 2 Day; $2,995.00 (Surgeon and Restorative Partner)

Online “2 day live”: Surgeon & Restorative Partner $2,995.00

Modular 2 day: Anytime; Surgeon & Restorative Partners $2,295.00