Practice Transformation with Digital Dentistry: Part I - The Single Tooth

A Unique, Immersive Team Experience, Guiding Participants in Fully Integrating Digital Workflows Into Their Clinical Practices.

Dates for this Fugazzotto Institute Course will be announced soon.

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Course Overview

  • Intraoral / extraoral examination 
  • The role of parafunction 
  • Treatment algorithms for anterior implant placement 
  • Selecting the appropriate hybrid design - FP1, FP2 or FP3? 
  • Consultation techniques to ensure acceptance of comprehensive care 

Course Includes:

  • Flap designs for ITT in all areas of the mouth 
  • Transforming your practice using grafts and membranes 
  • Optimal implant selection 
  • Immediate molar implant therapies 
  • Effective internal growth 
  • 93-94% acceptance of comprehensive care 
  • The role of the hygienist 
  • Quality external growth 
  • The lifetime implant warranty: good for your patient; a boon to your practice

Course Instructors:
Dr. Paul A. Fugazzotto, DDS
Dr. Timothy N. Smith, DMD
Chris May, CDT
Larry Brison, CDA