Dr. Marshall M. Freilich, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Bruce K. Barr, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dr. David Broughton, Massapequa, NY

"Paul, super cool. Today I did an extraction of 4.1. The buccal and lingual plates were gone, so I flapped the case and found an epithelial lining of the socket. I was able to evert it and put it up on-top of the crest over the PTFE membrane. It was a great moment. Thanks for teaching me."

Bradley M. Bishop, BMSc, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)

"Last week, I was extracting a really rotten 4.5. I had laid a flap, removed half of the buccal plate, and then it finally came out. As I was getting ready to suture, I could hear Dr. Fugazzotto saying, “Every extraction is a reconstructive event.” I did think I had time to graft the site; however, I felt the great responsibility of reconstructing the alveolus for future implant placement.

So, I stopped and explained to the patient what was necessary for him to have an implant at that site in the future. He asked me to proceed. Because I know how to do a proper flap now, I was able to place a graft, membrane, and get primary closure. It will be a fantastic implant site in six months.

Thank you, Dr. Paul Fugazzotto, for the excellent training."

Bradley M. Bishop, BMSc, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)

“We wanted to say how much we enjoyed your seminar and to spend time with you. Now seriously, your seminar taught us a lot and we are already implementing your suggestion into our practice.”

Dr. R.A.L., NY

“First, and probably most important, the practice philosophies and ethical manner in which you both conduct yourselves are inspiring and refreshing. All of us in attendance felt honored to be your students and to witness a few days of your practice.

Second, the combination of lecture, live surgery, and hands-on work on cadavers was superb.

Third, I truly appreciate your sharing such a multitude of details, concepts and techniques that you developed through years of hard work, careful assessment, collaboration with others, and more hard work.”

Dr. L.N., CA

“Just want to take a moment to thank you for another great course. It’s always a pleasure to see you and listen to you, and I always have a lot to learn. You’re a great surgeon, so smart and innovative. Inspiring!”

Dr. A.S.P., NY

“I want to thank you for a wonderful, informative, inspiring course last Saturday. I learned a lot and hope to integrate as much as I can into my practice. Most importantly, it made me realize that I was not alone with my problems and that there are answers. I would be interested in taking more of your courses.”

Dr. R.L., CAN

“Thank you for a great course and for your warm hospitality.”

Dr. R.S., MI

“I learned so much, and added to my knowledge. I am looking forward to spending more time with you at the soft tissue course.”

Dr. D.I.P.

“I am writing to thank you for conducting the wonderful course in Milton last week. The live surgeries were invaluable as teaching aids. I hope to return for the next course in November to reinforce what I learned.”

Dr. J.W.G., AL

“Painfully Ordinary. I couldn’t stop telling my wife how awesome the lecture was. There was so much excitement from the dentists and hygienists. They all came over and thanked us immensely for including them in the evening. The content was perfect and was a big boost to our practice. Thanks so much for driving out. Hopefully the ride home was easy.”

Dr. J-M.S.

“…but let me take this opportunity to tell you how great the course was. I am a general dentist, and it’s hard to find knowledge and skills to get me to where I want to be. Your course offering, one of many that I’ve taken, really gave me the extra confidence to be able to routinely perform sinus augmentations and achieve the results I expect.”

Dr. J.B.

“Hi Paul,

I’ve meant to send you a note for long time, however, always life gets in the way and I don’t. I have taken hands on courses with you at your office and they have been incredible! The last one was actually on practice management in September. I already have put in place several of your recommendations, including a practice “ambassador” and we are building a patient consulting room in the office. You manage to make all your courses not only very informative but also fun. Every time I come back from one of your courses I feel a renewed enthusiasm for our field of Periodontics and my practice with you! I have not felt enthusiasm since Northwestern closed our dental school. I just want to thank you one more time for what you do for us practicing Periodontics and for our profession in general. Please keep offering those hands on courses; I know it is a lot of work.”

Dr. M.G.

“Thanks, Paul, for an enjoyable and edifying two days. Seeing the procedures cemented the concepts for me. I appreciate your permission to email you some of my cases. I also appreciate the reprint on the T-Block. I think that it will solve the problem I described. Thank you.”

Dr. D.F.

“Paul, Just a quick note to tell you that I consider the time spent in your office with my colleagues from Indiana and Rick to be some of the very best I’ve ever had. I am thankful for your willingness to challenge us to explore looking more closely and to study ways in which we can further help our patient’s higher levels of dental health. I look forward to being back for future courses with you and Rick. Thanks again.”

Dr. T.F.

“Dr. Fugazzotto, thank you for a very enjoyable weekend in Boston and a great seminar. My husband and I had a great time and learned a lot, too! I appreciate your hospitality and all of the wonderful information. Looking forward to future visits!”

Dr. T and J.H.

“Paul, thanks for a great meeting. You really put a lot into it and I truly appreciate your efforts and material. All the best.”

Dr. B

“Dear Dr. Fugazzotto, Thank you for a wonderful course! It was interesting and educational. I thought we had a great group of talented and conscientious clinicians. I was impressed by your integrity and hope to hear you speak again soon.”

Dr. T.G.

“Paul, Scott and the Entire Staff,

I want to thank all of you for your overwhelming hospitality. You all made me feel very welcome and almost a part of your team from the moment I walked in the door.

I am also very appreciative to you for imparting the wisdom you have. Thanks again.”

Dr. M.W.

“…excitement results from the incredible welcome I received from you and from all of the staff in your dental office. I feel privileged that you openly shared your knowledge and experience with me and gave me the chance to excel in our profession."

Katherine, from Germany

“Thank you for all of the great info you gave us at the course. I am really looking forward to the December course at your office. Take care.”

Dr. J.H.

“Paul, just a note of thanks for the excellent course you put on for our group. There is considerable interest in another one to cover other aspects. I enjoyed the class, the dinner, the town, and the people.”

Dr. J.H.

“Thank you for organizing and including me in last weekend’s event. I thoroughly enjoyed myself – the bounty of information, the networking among peers, and the hands on segment with a great role model.”


“First I would like to thank you for the great bone graft course, great wine, food…and certainly a great lecture. We had fun!”

Dr. E.B, FL

“I really enjoyed your course at the Boston meeting.”

Dr. D.B.

“Please express my thanks to your staff for putting on an excellent CE course. Everyone was very helpful and courteous throughout the program.

Paul, your course is really one of the best and most informative clinical patient courses I could have chosen. You blend your considerable clinical skills with scientific basis and a strong emphasis on the literature.

The differing techniques and clinical approaches were also appreciated.”

Dr. D.D.S, Univ of Minnesota

“I take a lot of continuing education and you are definitely one of the better speakers out there”


“On a professional and personal level, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication to implant dentistry, your high clinical standards, and your excellent standard of presentations.”

Dr. G.G.P